jQM-Windows-mDialog - mDialog API: Button Object

mDialog API - Button Object

The “button” object is a nested object with button definitions in it. Most options are optional, but the full list is here:


At it’s most basic, a button object can simply be:

button: {
 'button': function () { alert('Clicked!'); }

Usually, however, it is better to provide more information.

click (required)

The function to perfom when clicked (or, whatever option “clickEvent” is set to fires on the button).

button: {
 'button': {
    click: function () { alert('Clicked!'); }


The following are all optional parts of a button definition.


The arguments list for the function - note that these start at arg[1]. Also, when using inputs, the inputs are added to the end of this array.

button: {
  'button': {
    'args': ['hello','world'],
    'click': function(e, argsA, argsB, inputA) {
      console.log('The event was: ' + e);
      console.log('First in "args" was: ' + argsA);
      console.log('Input Element #1 ID was: ' + inputA[0]);
      console.log('Input Element #1 Value was: ' + inputA[1]);


This button closes the popup, unless the click function returned false.


Override the text on the button. Useful for localization.


An ID for the button. If not provided, it will be generated


The theme for the button, otherwise it will use the option “menuButtonTheme”


The icon to use for the button, default is ‘check’.

iconpos (button style)

The position of the icon, default is ‘left’.

corners (button style)

Round the corners, default is ‘true’

shadow (button style)

Shadow the button, default is ‘true’