jQM-Windows-mDialog - mDialog API: Popup Options

mDialog API - Popup Options

Here, you will find all the options that control the behavior of the popup itself. Most of them are passed directly to the jQM popup object.


This allows you to set a theme for the entire container. If non-false, it is always applied.


This is the theme used for the overlay behind the control. The default should pretty well grey out the background.


This controls whether clicking outside of the control will close it. Note that if closeButton is set to false, this will not take effect.

popPosition / popPosX / popPosY

These control how the control is positioned. “popPosX” and “popPosY” are hard coordinates on the page (not the window).


This is the transition effect to use to show the popup.

closeButton / closeButtonTheme

This is the theme for the close button, and it’s position.

Note: if you want to use popDismissable, and you don’t want the regular style of close button (you wish to supply your own - any link with data-rel=”back” will work), you must set closeButton to “true” instead. Otherwise, popDismissable will be auto-set to true.