jQueryMobile - SimpleDialog

jQuery Mobile Framework :: SimpleDialog

A Popup Dialog Box for jQueryMobile

SimpleDialog aims to be a replacement for javascript dialog(), written for jQM.

Public Functions

SimpleDialog has only a few public functions. They are:

  • $('element').simpledialog('open')

    REopen the dialog (opens automatically first instance)

  • $('element').simpledialog('close')

    Close the dialog

  • $('element').simpledialog('refresh')

    Refresh the contents of the dialog (blank HTML mode only)

Events Available

Events are all handled through the same master event simpledialog. For instance:

$(some-simpledialog-element).trigger('simpledialog', {'method': 'open'});
  • Triger to reopen (if enabled)

    {'method'} === open

  • Triger to close

    {'method'} === close

  • Triger to refresh (blank mode)

    {'method'} === refresh

  • Triger to click button

    {'method'} === button
    {'index'} === numeric index of button, starting at 0. Bool mode only

Other Goodies

When using the "blank" mode, you can include a link/button/element with rel='close' in the HTML - when clicked, it will automatically close the dialog.

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