jQueryMobile - SimpleDialog

jQuery Mobile Framework :: SimpleDialog

A Popup Dialog Box for jQueryMobile

SimpleDialog aims to be a replacement for javascript dialog(), written for jQM.

Button to open custom HTML dialog

note you are size limited to about 280px wide (unless you mess with the CSS directly.
You can also later change the contents of fullHTML - simple change it to whatever you like:

$('#simpleraw').data('simpledialog').options.fullHTML = "..."
then, call the refresh function:

Open Dialog HTML
<a href="#" id="dialoglink" data-role="button">Open Dialog</a>
$(document).delegate('#simpleraw', 'click', function() {
        'mode' : 'blank',
        'prompt': false,
        'forceInput': false,
        'fullHTML' : 
            "<ul data-role='listview'><li>Some</li><li>List</li><li>Items</li></ul><a rel='close' data-role='button' href='#' id='simpleclose'>Close</a>"
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