jQueryMobile - SimpleDialog2


jQuery Mobile Framework :: SimpleDialog

A Popup Dialog Box for jQueryMobile

SimpleDialog2 is a re-imagining of the original SimpleDialog - it's purpose is to provide an easy programmers interface to dialog popups.

Multiple Operation Modes
Button List Mode - Generate a dialog with a list of buttons
Button Input Mode - Generate a dialog with a list of buttons and user input
Freeform Mode - Generate a dailog containing your own custom HTML source
Multiple Display Modes
Popup Mode - Pop the window "over" the current content
jQM Dialog - Use the native jQM dialog page interface
Fullscreen - Use a proprietary full viewport pop "over" method
Collect User Data
SimpleDialog2 has the ability to collect a user prompt and return it back to your script
Clean DOM Operation
Perhaps the biggest change from SimpleDialog - SimpleDialog2 takes great pains in cleaning itself completly from the DOM when it closes. These are *single* use dialogs.