Listener - Calendar Display Date has been changed

This trigger is received when the calendar display (CalBox) is changed - but only if the “selected” date is not in the visible natural month. (If the date is still “visible”, but in the previous or next month, this event will still fire)

This trigger precedes the “offset” event, however it is triggered in the same block of code. It is only triggered if there is a saved selection.

$(input).bind('datebox', function (e, passed) { 
  if ( passed.method === 'displayChange' ) {
    alert('New Date Shown: ' + passed.shownDate);
    alert('Date Selected: ' + passed.selectedDate);
    alert('Change Type: ' + passed.thisChange);
    alert('Change amount: ' + passed.thisChangeAmount);

Arguments Recieved

Trigger / Listener