DateBox Complete Option List

Limit dates to after today's date

Callback function to run on control open

Extra arguments to pass to open callback.

Limit dates to before today's date

List of dates to disallow

List of recurring dates to be disallowed

List of days to disallow

Class of button to use in input element

Always check each date to ensure validity

Control formatting of the calbox grid box

Use control group buttons in calendar

List of dates for Date List Picker

Text for other dates dropdown

Control formatting of the calbox Date Text

Header format for calendar mode

Highlight choosen date

Highlight today's date

Icon for the NEXT month on the calendar control

Suppress Standard Header

Hide next/previous months in calendar

Icon for the PREVIOUS month on the calendar control

Show Special Date List Picker

Show Day Labels

Show ISO Week numbers

Day of week to start calendar on

Show month and year pickers

Show +/- Month buttons with month and year pickers

Preset day select

Weekday to select for calWeekMode

Year picker upper limit

Year picker lower limit

Clear Input Element button label

Listener event for all non-closing buttons in control

Listener event for all closing buttons in control

Callback function to run on control close

Extra arguments to pass to close callback.

Data structure for custom modes

Length of Data flippers for CustomFlip

Array of default indexs for custom modes

Format for returned data

Force the header text

Field order for date entry

Format for returned date

Days of the week

Abbreviated days of the week

Default value for the date

Name of day/days for duration

Format for returned duration

Labels for duration elements

Field order for duration entry

Stepper for the least precise duration element

Steppers for the duration elements

List of exclusive ISO dates to be selected

Height of rollers

Format for header if used

Hide the Fieldcontainer Element

Hide the Input Element

List of dates to highlight

List of date to highlight

List of recurring dates to highlight

Highlight these days

Language runs Right-to-Left

The jQuery selector for the output linked field(s)

The format to use with linkedField

Lock the Input Element from manual input

Maximum number of days past today

Maximum allowed duration

Maximum allowed hour

Maximum allowed time

Maximum allowed year

Name of meridiems, if used

Minimum amount of days before today

Minimum allowed duration

Minimum allowed hour

Minimum allowed time

Minimum allowed year

Stepper for minutes

Direction to round

Mode of operations

Months of the year

Abbreviated months of the year

Mouseover tooltip for next month button

Limit dates to *not* today's date

Callback function to run on control open

Extra arguments to pass to open callback.

Set button for custom modes (i18n aware)

Controls position of the jQM Popup close button

Force the X position of the opened control

Force the Y position of the opened control

Controls position of the jQM Popup

Mouseover tooltip for prev month button

When button held, continue counting

Allow rollover of each date element

Set Date Button Label

Set Duration Button Label

Set Time Button Label

Auto-fill Input field

Length of sliders (1/2 of slider)

Field order for slide mode

Offset the start day by

Offset the start month by

Offset the start year by

Base theme for control

Theme swatch for +/- Buttons

Theme for cancel button

Theme for clear button.

Theme for close button in header

Theme swatch for other dates

Theme swatch for highDates

Theme swatch for highDatesAlt

Theme swatch for highDatesRec

Theme swatch for choosen date

Theme swatch for today's date

Theme swatch for highDays

Theme for header

Theme swatch for input elements

Theme for other options (customflip)

Theme for highlighted option (customflip)

Theme swatch for Set (close) Button

Theme for 'Jump to Today' button

Theme for 'Jump to Tomorrow' button

Field order for time entry

Format for clock

Format for returned time

Date modes fallback header label

Time modes fallback header label

Jump to today button Label

Text for "tommorrow" button

Mouseover tooltip for open button

Transition for display

Use Animations

Animation Time

Use Arabic/Indic numerals

Show a button in the Input Element to open the control

Show a button to cancel the Input control

Show a button to clear the Input

Collapse multiple control buttons.

Open the control when the Input Element is focused

Use a toolbar header for the control

Update the Input Element on every control change

Show control inline in the page

When showing control inline, align according to this.

Show the control inline in the page when opened

Use velocity / kinetic scrolling with the flip variants.

The current active langauge / locale

Use faded modal background for control

Theme for modal background of control

Attempt to auto fill the placeholder text (or use the supplied custom text)

Show button to set the date

Show button to jump to today

Show button to jump to tomorrow

Limit times to only these hours

Always allow these ISO dates to be selected

Z-Index of controls

Public Functions

Apply min/max HTML attributes

Format a date

Close the DateBox

Return if selected calendar date is visible

Destroy the datebox

Disable the DateBox

Enable the datebox

Get the last set duration

Retrieve an option's value

Return the current date object

Open the datebox

Parse a string date to an object

Refresh the DateBox

Set the date

Set an option

Listeners and Triggers

Listener - Datebox input has been cleared

Trigger - Close Datebox

Trigger - DateBox enhancment done

Trigger - datebox loaded

Trigger - DateBox Enhance

Listener - DateBox has been disabled

Listener - Calendar Display Date has been changed

Trigger - Clear input element

Trigger - Change the date

Trigger - Refresh control

Trigger - Refresh input element

Listener - Datebox has been enabled

Listener - Date has been changed

Trigger - Open Datebox

Listener - Datebox has been refreshed

Dual - Set the date